About East Coast Conditioning

Launched in July, 2007, East Coast Conditioning is focused on both individual sports performance and athletic team training. Since the company’s inception in 2007, we have developed the East Coast Baseball, East Coast Lacrosse, and East Coast Basketball academies designed to offer competitive club athletic teams. East Coast Conditioning’s facility includes the Competition Center featuring full size basketball court and six hoops, a multi-sport indoor turf facility, batting tunnels, full Olympic style strength and conditioning facility, and home to a sports therapist.

ECC SportsPlex

Located in Edison, NJ

East Coast Conditioning SportsPlex is a new 11,000 square foot facility in Edison, N.J. Our multi-sport indoor turf facility offers year-round training and practice facilities for most sports including, soccer, baseball, softball, lacrosse, field hockey, and football for both individual and team training sessions. Our staff makes training intense – but fun. We work hard to keep our athletes motivated and constantly include new and effective techniques to keep workouts fresh and challenging.

ECC Competition Center

The newest addition to the ECC Arsenal in sports performance is the Competition Center. The competition center is home to a full size gym equipped for basketball, volleyball, group training classes, and sports performance training. The competition center houses ECC basketball tournaments, leagues, basketball lessons, and birthday parties. The competition center serves as a home court for Team Izod / Team Under Armour, St. Helen’s, and the Atlantic Valley Volleyball Club.

Weight Room

East Coast Conditioning improves athletes’ performance by developing the three Core Athletic Qualities that determine sport & athletic success:

Speed • Strength • Agility

East Coast Conditioning’s intense, effective and creative training methods are proven to enhance overall sports performance. East Coast Conditioning is committed to:

    • Develop athletic performance
    • Teach sport-specific skills and knowledge
    • Enable each athlete to achieve their individual goals
    • Train athletes to be faster, stronger and smarter
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